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S/1 Crown Jewel Bowl 23Cm+Leg B (Old Code: 130942)

Item #: 130923

Original price SAR 1,295 - Original price SAR 1,295
Original price SAR 1,295
SAR 1,295
SAR 1,295 - SAR 1,295
Current price SAR 1,295
The purest quartz, because you deserve it! The flawless clarity of this bowl resonates with a luminous frequency, inviting you to a feeling of profound tranquility. Allow the crystal's pure resonance to cleanse and balance your energy, guiding you towards a state of heightened awareness and spiritual connection. The seasonal fruits color will pop, the healthy snacks will lay beautifully and the appetizers will have a place to call home. It's your cherished companion for meditation, sound therapy, mindful eating, or simply moments of quiet reflection